10 Emojis That Are Uncool — Do You Still Use Them?

The thumbs-up emoji has been called \"uncool\" and \"passive-aggressive\" — and Gen Z\'ers think using it makes you seem \"old.\"

Is the thumbs-up emoji OK to use?

No, it’s kinda passive-aggressive

*Gives a thumbs-up*

Is the red heart emoji OK to use?

It’s a bit cringe and basic

Love is love is love

Is the OK hand sign emoji…OK to use?

If you’re a 65-year-old dad

It’s A-OK in my book

Is the checkmark emoji OK to use?

It’s a little passive-aggressive, IMO

Chill, it’s just a checkmark

Is the ol’ pile-of-poo emoji OK to use?

People are really still using that??

Whatever floats your boat

Is the loudly crying face emoji OK to use?

It’s cringe/too exaggerated

It’s totally fine

Is the see-no-evil monkey emoji OK to use?

Why is it even still an option?

It’s fun! Let people live!

Is the clapping emoji OK to use?

It’s giving ‘artwork on the fridge’ vibes

Sure, why not?

Is the kiss mark emoji OK to use?

When would you even use that??

It’s fine by me

Finally, Is the grimacing face emoji OK to use?

It’s the embodiment of cringe

Yes! It’s a perfectly specific reax

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