Bake Your Wedding Cake And I\’ll Reveal What Your Future House Will Look Like

Blessings on blessings!

What does the outside of the cake look like?


Jason Leung


Tikkho Maciel


Melissa Walker Horn

Over the top with designs

Scott Osborn

Pick a frosting

Pink color and strawberry flavor

Sharon McCutcheon

White color and vanilla flavor

Stephanie McCabe

Brown color and chocolate flavor

Charles Deluvio

White color and lemon frosting

Brina Blum

Choose your cake batter…


Toa Heftiba


Alexandra Golovac

Red velvet 

amirali mirhashemian


Dilyara Garifullina



Deva Williamson

Piped Flowers

David Holifield

Fruits and Nuts

Brett Jordan

No toppings.

How many layers?




Four or more

Where is the cake displayed?

Ocean wedding

Arshad Pooloo

Field wedding

Ben Rosett

Mountain wedding

Foto Pettine

Home wedding

Nathan Dumlao

Your house will be a mansion!

You have expensive taste! After the wedding of your dreams, you will move into a huge mansion with a giant pool! Enjoy your luxurious lifestyle, but try not to forget the simple things in your life…

You will live in a tiny house!

You will live in a tiny house! You have simple tastes and you think less is more. You usually don’t envy royalty, but you shouldn’t because you will have a happy life full of fun and much love!

You will live in an apartment, but you’ll be happy!

You will live in an apartment! Your life will be happy after your wedding. Your marriage will go uphill. But you’ll need to work hard because that is the only way to get out of your personal mess…

You will live in a castle!

You like old things and many patterns! After the wedding of your dreams, you will move to a beautiful castle surounded by water. Enjoy your lovely life!

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