Classic Movies Taglines Trivia Quiz

They don\'t tease \'em like they used to.

Lets start with something easy: ‘In space no one can hear you scream.’






‘Be afraid. Be very afraid.’

_The Shining_



_The Fly_

_**The Fly**_

‘On every street in every city, there’s a nobody who dreams of being a somebody.’

_Taxi Driver_

_Funny Girl_



_**Taxi Driver**_

‘An epic of epic epicness.’


_The Hangover_

_American Pie_

_Scott Pilgrim vs. the World_

_**Scott Pilgrim vs. the World**_

‘You’ll believe a man can fly.’

_Apollo 18_


_2001: A Space Odyssey_

_Iron Man_

_**Superman: The Movie**_

‘The mission is a man.’


_Casualties of War_

_Pearl Harbor_

_Saving Private Ryan_

_**Saving Private Ryan**_

‘Every man dies, not every man really lives.’



_Ben Hur_



‘Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.’

_The Shawshank Redemption_

_The Green Mile_

_Escape from Alcatraz_


_**The Shawshank Redemption**_

‘Where do you go when the record is over?’

_Staying Alive_



_Saturday Night Fever_

_**Saturday Night Fever**_

‘The story of a lifetime.’

_Slumdog Millionaire_

_Good Morning, Vietnam_

_Forrest Gump_

_The Curious Case of Benjamin Button_

_**Forrest Gump**_

‘Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.’


_Fight Club_


_Pulp Fiction_

_**Fight Club**_

‘Nothing on Earth could come between them.’


_Brokeback Mountain_


_Never Let Me Go_


‘His whole life was a million-to-one shot.’


_Coach Carter_

_Chariots of Fire_



‘Reality is a thing of the past.’

_The Terminator_

_The Matrix_


_Blade Runner_

**The Matrix**

‘Love never dies.’

_The Fault in Our Stars_

_A Walk to Remember_

_Bram Stoker’s Dracula_

_Never Let Me Go_

_**Bram Stoker’s Dracula**_

‘We are not alone.’


_Close Encounters of the Third Kind_

_The War of the Worlds_

_The Thing_

_**Close Encounters of the Third Kind**_

‘Get ready for a different breed of heavy metal hero.’

_Iron Man_

_Napolean Dynamite_

_Wayne’s World_

_Guardians of the Galaxy_

_**Iron Man**_

‘Everyone wants to be found.’

_Before Sunrise_

_Lost in Translation_

_A Walk to Remember_

_American Beauty_

_**Lost in Translation**_

‘Some memories are best forgotten.’


_The Butterfly Effect_

_The Bourne Identity_

_Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind_


And lastly: ‘The true story of a real fake.’

_Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps_

_The Talented Mr. Ripley_

_Catch Me If You Can_

_The Social Network_

_**Catch Me if You Can**_

You didn’t CATCH on…

Seems like you really didn’t catch on to these catchphrases. Better luck next time!

You tried

You probably knew some of the bigger blockbusters like _Alien_ and _Fight Club_, but most everything else slipped through the cracks for you.


You really know your movies! Reward yourself with a movie night!

Movie Megastar

Listen, nobody knows movies like you do. And that’s something you take pride in (as you should!).

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