Which Flower Are You Based On A Wedding?

We\'ll decide.

What’s the venue?





Who’s invited?

Close friends and family

Large group

Only few

Close friends

What’s the vibe of your wedding?

What will you be wearing?

You are a lily

Your wedding will be elegant and sophisticated just like you.

You are a tulip

An upbeat, cheerful, and modern theme is suited for your soul. Your wedding planner will be thrilled to know that you like a modern wedding.

You are a beautiful peony

Your wedding will be so romantic and full of sweet surprises. You’ll also have a sense of delicacy that peonies have to offer.

You are a rose

You love to keep things classy so it makes sense that you would be a rose.

Pengepul kebahagiaan dari temuan abad modern, berupa listrik, internet dan komputer. Hidup harmonis bersama barisan code dan segelas kopi kenangan.

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