Gemstone Personality Quiz

You\'re such a gem!

First, pick your best quality


Sean Stratton


Paolo Margari


Tim Marshall


laura adai


Bernard Hermant


Emmanuel Ikwuegbu


August Phlieger


Dariusz Sankowski


Cesar Carlevarino Aragon

Nature lover

Lukasz Szmigiel

Pick a Hollywood career

Animal trainer

Andrea Lightfoot

Cast masseuse

alan caishan


Jon Tyson

Set construction

Sarah Lachise

Location scout

Andrew Stutesman

Craft services

Saile Ilyas


Hans Eiskonen

Stunt double

Darren Nunis


Kyle Head


Markus Winkler

Pick a course to take

Tai chi in Bali

Thao LEE

Photography in Botswana

Sara Kurfeß

Meditation in Peru

Jared Rice

Investing in Switzerland

Damian Markutt

Baking in Paris

Stephen Leonardi

Survival training in Costa Rica

Caspian Dahlström

Ceramics in Morocco

Courtney Cook

Pit crew in Australia

gustavo Campos

Circus school in Punta Cana

Cyrus Crossan

Archaeology in Turkey

Jacqueline Martinez

Next, pick a way to burn energy

Walking tour of a historic site

John Hayler

Working out at the gym

Milo Bunnik


Subtle Cinematics

TikTok challenges

Alexander Shatov

Working in the garden

Markus Spiske

Goat yoga

Vivian Cai

Playing tennis at the club

Hoi Pham

Dance classes

Preillumination SeTh

Nature hike

Kevin Wolf

Family bike ride

Dana Marin (Amsterdamian)

Choose a way to relax


pina messina

Wood carving

Dominik Scythe

Sipping wine in the bath

Roberto Nickson

Going for a light jog

Alex McCarthy




Diane Helentjaris


Artem Verbo


Blaz Photo

Making organic candles/soap

Sixteen Miles Out

Playing video games


Pick a person you wish you could have met

Charlie Chaplin

Edo Nugroho

Clara Barton

Kevin Paes

Henry Ford

Johnathan Ciarrocca


Ishant Mishra


Denise Bossarte

Joan of Arc

Morgan Petroski

Queen Victoria

K. Mitch Hodge

Amelia Earhart

Tomas Martinez

Frida Kahlo

Gabriella Clare Marino

Charles Darwin

Amy Perez

Next, pick a TV show to watch

_Modern Family_

Modern Family



_House of the Dragon_

House of the Dragon

_Nailed It_

Nailed It

_The Crown_

The Crown

_Property Brothers_

Property Brothers



_Obi-Wan Kenobi_

Obi-Wan Kenobi

_The Handmaid’s Tale_

Handmaid’s tale

_Brooklyn Nine-Nine_

Brooklyn nine-nine

Which animal best represents you?

Playful monkey

Aniket Mandish

Lone wolf

Darren Welsh

Mother hen

Kim Gorga

Gentle rabbit

Gary Bendig

Swift horse

Helena Lopes

Curious dolphin

Jonas Von Werne

Resourceful beaver

Francesco Ungaro

Wise owl

James Lee

Regal eagle

Mathew Schwartz

Crafty spider

Ed van duijn

Choose an event to host for your friends

Nature scavenger hunt


BBQ and fire pit night

Paul Hermann

Lunar New Year celebration with takeout

Eiliv Aceron

Super Bowl party with a touch football game

Dave Adamson

Murder mystery dinner

Ali Hajian

Pool party

Jakob Owens

Paint and sip night

Anna Kolosyuk

Family Thanksgiving dinner

Pro Church Media

Wine tasting

Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Group volunteer day

Streets of Food

Finally, pick a bucket list goal

Become a foster parent

Ben Wicks

Open an animal sanctuary

Andrew S

Build your own tiny house

Jed Owen

Start a successful business

Finn Hackshaw

Plan a full family reunion

Tyler Nix

Visit every continent twice

Subhash Nusetti

Complete a triathlon

Tony Pham

Have your own gallery show

Eric Park

Become a famous YouTuber

Alexander Shatov

Go back to school for further education

Michael Marsh


The amethyst is thought to link your inner soul and mind. You’re balanced and in touch with the world. You seek to make a difference.


Citrine is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. You enjoy the finer things in life. You’re ambitious, and you work hard.


The diamond is connected to love and healing. You’re a nurturer and all about family. You love to host and care for others.


Malachite is a symbol of individuality. You’re a creative free spirit. You have a huge imagination and love to express yourself.


The ruby is a symbol of passion and vitality. You seize the day and live life to the fullest. You’re all about fun and laughter.


Sapphire is said to bring wisdom and truth. You’re well read and curious. You try to speak the truth and are open-minded.


Agate is an ancient symbol of strength. You’re a warrior. You’re strong and athletic and ready for anything.


Aquamarine is linked to sea and travel. You’re curious about the world and want to explore. You’re open to new things.


The moonstone represents inner strength and stability. You’re grounded and resilient. You’re helpful and good with your hands.


The emerald is linked to nature and rebirth. You love being outdoors and in touch with nature. You like your space

Pengepul kebahagiaan dari temuan abad modern, berupa listrik, internet dan komputer. Hidup harmonis bersama barisan code dan segelas kopi kenangan.

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