Saw Movies Trap Quiz

If John Kramer decides to make a catalog to sell these traps, I\'m available to write his copy.

A funky little helmet is fitted to your head, promising with each passing moment to crack your face open like a metal otter busting open a clam made of human skull.

The Reverse Bear Trap

The Hell Helmet

The Oh God, Why

The Snare Trap

The Reverse Bear Trap from the original _Saw._

You wake up hovering a few feet off the ground, which is probably pretty cool for a second — until you realize you have a whole bunch of metal hooks in your rib cage. If you don’t put your bare hand into a glass container full of acid to get the key before it disintegrates, the hooks are going to spring open and make your insides your outsides.

The Hookery Doodle

The Levitation Trap

The Angel Trap

The Acid Drop

The Angel Trap from _Saw 3._

Six people you know IRL are all strapped into a spinny-ma-jig thing and, one by one, have to face a shotgun on a rotating basis. It’s Russian roulette with more people and extra steps. Anyway, you have to decide who gets to live and who has to die. Good luck with all that!

The Human Bullet Trap

The Shotgun Carousel

The Sinister Spin

The Turned-Table Trap

The Shotgun Carousel from _Saw VI._

There’s a big hole in the ground, and there’s just…there are so many needles in it, y’all. I’d argue there’s maybe too many needles in it.

The Pokey

The Razor Trap

The Metal Scrap Trap

The Needle Pit

The Needle Pit from _Saw II._

There’s a very tight metal device around your neck. It has freakin’ laser beams coming out of it. With each passing second, the laser beams inch closer to your face, threatening to split your pretty little skull into even slices, like one of those fancy chocolate orange candy balls.

The Light Beamer

The Choker Trap

The Sizzle Trap

The Laser Collar

The Laser Collar from _Jigsaw._

First off, you’re being poisoned by the air, which stinks. Then there’s like two boxes. You have to stick your hands up into them to get the antidote (you’re being poisoned, remember?). Issue is, once your hands are in, you can’t get them out because they’re caught in razor blades. It’s like the hand version of those spikes that stop your car from backing up.

**The Razor Box**

The Shard Trap

The Metal Trap

The Sharpy Stabby

The Razor Box from _Saw II._

Edgar Allan Poe probably has a pretty good case for copyright infringement with this swinging thing. That’s all you’re getting.

The Nevermore

The Pendulum Trap

The Tell-Tale Trap

The Annabel Lee

The Pendulum Trap from _Saw V._

You’re strapped to a chair, and there are some real, real sharp knives way too close to your face. In order to get out, you have to lean forward and press a pressure plate with your forehead, but those knives are 100% going into your face if you do that.

The Slash Trap

The Stabinator

**The Knife Chair**

The Blades Trap

The Knife Chair from _Saw IV._

You’re naked — which, already, oh no. You’re in a cold room, and there’s a mechanism spraying water on you. You’re going to be a People Popsicle soon if you don’t get out.

The Big Cold

The Naked Trap

The Mini Fridge Trap

**The Freezer**

The Freezer from _Saw III._

Your partner is cheating on you (I know, I’m sorry!). You’re attached to half of a table saw. The other half is attached to the person your partner is cheating on you with, and above you both is your partner. You must kill one of them or they’ll kill you. Oh, and this is taking place in a store window in front of a whole group of people watching.

The Cheaters Never Prosper Trap

The Public Execution

The Cheat Treat

The Yes, Dear Trap

The Public Execution from _Saw 3D._

Listen — this result is not in any way a reflection of you, it’s more a reflection of me and how bad I am at describing things. You did the best you could with what I gave you, which, let’s be honest, wasn’t much!

Honestly, you did pretty great considering how terrible my ability to describe things is! Congrats! Let’s be friends!

Wow, my terrible descriptions didn’t hinder your ability to name these traps! Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were John Kramer himself! If you are, I have a lot of questions, like, how are you taking this quiz if you’re dead?

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