Can You Name These K-Pop Songs From Just Two Emojis?

We\'d like to see you try!

Pink Venom

‘pink venom’

pink venom by blackpink

‘pink venom’ by blackpink

‘Pink Venom’ by Blackpink

After Like


‘after like’


after like by ive

afterlike by ive

‘after like’ by ive

‘afterlike’ by ive

‘After Like’ by IVE

Forever 1

Forever One



forever 1 by girls generation

forever 1 by girls’ generation

forever 1 by girl’s generation

forever one by girl’s generation

forever one by girls’ generation

forever one by girls generation

‘forever 1’ by girls generation

‘forever 1′ by girls’ generation

‘forever 1’ by girl’s generation

‘forever one’ by girl’s generation

‘forever one’ by girls generation

‘forever one’ by girls’ generation


‘forever one’


‘forever 1’

‘Forever 1′ by Girls’ Generation

Test Me

‘test me’

test me by xdinary heroes

‘test me’ by xdinary heroes

‘Test Me’ by Xdinary Heroes

Hype Boy


‘hype boy’


‘hype boy’ by newjeans

‘hypeboy’ by newjeans

hypeboy by newjeans

hype boy by newjeans

‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans

Beautiful Monster

‘beautiful monster’

‘beautiful monster’ by stayc

beautiful monster by stayc

‘Beautiful Monster’ by STAYC

Heart Burn


‘heart burn’


heartburn by sunmi

heart burn by sunmi

‘heartburn’ by sunmi

‘heart burn’ by sunmi

‘Heart Burn’ by Sunmi

Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)

Future Perfect

‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’

‘Future Perfect’

Future Perfect by Enhypen

‘Future Perfect’ by Enhypen

‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’ by Enhypen

future perfect (pass the mic) by Enhypen

‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’ by Enhypen

You need to pay more attention to K-Pop song titles

You may know these songs a bit, or maybe you just took this for fun without knowing them. Either way, you didn’t get the best score, but that’s a great excuse to listen to more K-Pop!

Not too bad!

You’re a K-Pop novice, or you’re a fan of K-Pop music but don’t really pay attention to song titles. At least you didn’t entirely fail, so let’s celebrate that.

K-Pop Proficient

You’re a K-Pop fanatic, but you already knew that. This one was tough, but you absolutely killed it. Now teach the world your ways!

Pengepul kebahagiaan dari temuan abad modern, berupa listrik, internet dan komputer. Hidup harmonis bersama barisan code dan segelas kopi kenangan.

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