Art Of Life

My eyes are looking for freedom, I wish I could fly like a bird without fear of falling, I wish my eyes could see the beauty of world instead of war and oppression.

The eyes speak what the lips fail to say and that’s why your eyes are shining like a moon when you are happy and bleeds when you are sad.

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change. Wherever it is a flower, there is love, life and beauty.

As an artist painting means a world of imagination and beauty where I can express my feelings freely. It gives me hope and enjoyment. Art keeps me away from stress and depression for a moment that I am painting, I forget all negative points. Whenever I can’t speak up and raise my voice, I can show it through my artworks and that’s what makes art so special to me.

Imagine new ways of seeing & doing.

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Roya Yousofi is a professional artist from Afghanistan.

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