Are You \’Sunshine\’ Or \’Midnight Rain\’?

Don’t blame me if this doesn’t meet your expectations lmao.

You have the day off! Would you rather…

Chill at home

Go party!

Would you rather…

Be famous

Be average

Easy question, are you a daredevil?

Yes, ofc

No, not really

Yes, and no (like a mix)

Choose a *Midnights* variant

Jade green 


Blood moon


Choose one more variant!



Original/moon stone blue 


Last question! What’s your favorite Taylor album?

*Taylor Swift *


*Speak Now *









You’re probably just a generally happy person! You seem like you enjoy relaxing and being mellow, and you’re probably an introvert.

‘Midnight Rain’

You’re probably the type of person who is very outgoing or very deep. You’re also probably an extrovert.

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